A call to the world, Jai Jagat 2020,


carried by 4 major intentions:

  • So that the ethics guides our steps,
  • the justice gives place to anyone,
  • the voice of the poorest is recognized,
  • our communities build nonviolent societies.

In summer, 2020, we shall walk, shall meet and have a dialogue, shall share the meals, throughout the path which since Belgium, will lead us in Geneva,

- The farmers who take care of the earth and feed us healthily,
- The citizens who assert their quest of simplicity,
- The communities which make transition and work in the well-being of chacun.e,
- The young people who already create the world of tomorrow,
- We, artists and creators, whom all embody and colors our future.

Our journey will be a moment of vitality and assertion - on foot, in bike, by train, ...-. Every evening will be a moment to celebrate our fights, our resistances, our creations and singings of life.

From September 20th till October 2nd, 2020, in Geneva, we are expected to celebrate the parliament of the peoples. Some will come from India, others of the Eastern Europe, as well as Spain, France, Germany, Sweden. We shall share the word and together shall carry it towards the institutions of the world.

Jai Jagat!