Jai Jagat Intention


Of next stages - to enrich

- Preparation of workshops " to be and to act, to resist and to create, to live in nonviolence, for and by the nonviolence (Marcel) " - Schedule 2018-2019 (Ezio, Alain, Cécile)

- Antwerp, July 25th, with Merelyn and Adje - Movements  & Landgenoten

- Small fair 2017 - Semel in July 29th and 30th (Laurence) - discusses and stand

- In August, 2018, Michelle, Joelle, - education compared to the challenges of the cornering versus 'outbuildings'

- Namur, in September 13th, 4:00 pm - Jai Jagat Belgium - piloting

- India 2018, Communities of life, company(society) and nonviolent economy - The Friends of the Earth (Ezio, Cécile, Alain)