Jai Jagat means " Victory  of the world, the victory of the hole humanity "

All and each are everywhere - in all the countries, all the cities and all the villages, all the communities, all the families - the change which we want for the world. This change it is at first the end of the violence which oppress today.

The violence is every day more present and more diverse: the conflicts and the wars, the omnipotence of the finance and the dictat of the consumerism, the ceaseless growth of social inequalities and poverty but also the cornering of lands, seeds and the access to the water, the destructive logics of the agricultural chemistry and the intensive farming which poison grounds, threaten the health of the people and make casual the farmers, the permanent infringements on the biodiversity …

To deal with this violence, the UNO its, defined objectives of sustainable development itself:

1. Eradicate the poverty

2. Protect the planet

3. Guarantee prosperity and health for all


But these objectives will not come true without us, each of us! As proclaims it Rajagopal, between the nonviolent passivity which makes us tolerate this violence and theses violence themselves, is the nonviolent action. It is this non-violent action which Gandhi promoted to fight against the violence of the British colonialism and impose the independence of its country.

The nonviolent action is resistance. She promotes the ethics and the justice. She reknows the interdependence and the equality between all the beings in an approach of universal compassion. She respects the nature in all her dimensions. It is active resistance.

JAI JAGAT is a nonviolent action which aims to be world, diverse by his actors and in his objectives, the widest possible mobilization to reconstruct a world 'decolonized' of all which engenders the violence in all its forms. Always faithful to the spirit of the Mahatma Ghandi, JAI JAGAT invites us, in all the place of the world, to walk in solidarity in the enjoyment and with consciousness by carrying everywhere the message of the peace. Symbolically this action will end in Geneva with the widest possible gathering of groups left India, Europe, the Middle East, Africa which, in the name of the municipality humanity, will deliver this peace message in the authorities of United Nations whereas, all around the world, will be held local assemblies as testimony of the universality of the nonviolence as the engine of future.




Reference: Jai Jagat 2020 - An intention for the world - ETHICS - JUSTICES - NOT VIOLENT COMMUNITIES & WAY OF LIVING - PDF

Jai Jagat 2020 - an intention for the world